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Richard Pietrusinski

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I am a christian working for mental health specializing in verbal therapy through Jesus Christ! I focus on mental distractions which I diagnose as being a mind relationship with mind! Some doctors diagnose mental distractions as being a chemical imbalance or "miss firing" synapsis! After wrestling with this mind relationship with mind I have come to the understanding thoughts are as a blossoming flower! Liking thought in chemical imbalance as a flower blossoming in a poluted environment and with a "miss firing" synapsis being a brain storm or a brain storm in a poluted cloud for both...

Therefore coming to this conclusion I focus on verbal therapy with Jesus Christ within the mind to mind relationship! Being a free thinker and believer in Jesus Christ I think you will benefit from the works of Jesus Christ! The whole focus will be working on a healthy relationship freeing up your mind from all the distracting thoughts from mind within mind! It is written to love God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength!

The type of therapy I use is based on believing the Gospels of Jesus Christ in Love and Hope for total wellness and health! Jesus was a doctor sent by God to heal mankind from every ailment! Love Faith and Hope with God as I share my faith in the Gospels will definitely stir your heart and blosom your thoughts from the mind God gave you!

Jesus said come to me for rest so then rest in your character as he said! He said you will see angels descending and acending on me so do not worry about this new insight into the spiritual! God looks at the heart and sees the mind! The still soft voice and inspiration and God knows the thoughts he has for you for your good! A quiet thought gentle in a relationship with you! For God will always be a sower and farmer! We recongnize his Voice! If you have benefitted from my work please donate to the cause of a christian in mental health! Don't forget to visit my parent webpage for more verbal theray with Jesus Christ!

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